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The Real Questions

Eden to Big Apple


A fascinating new book by Anthony Arkell


Rent is the most important word in you will ever hear or read. Yet it is rarely used and understood by almost no one.


Since all our lives - and all parts of our existence - are affected by the economic system, and all economies are governed by how we treat Rent, it can truly be said that Rent is the most important concept.


Of course we unfortunately use the word 'rent' when speaking of cars and houses. This is a misuse. We are simply hiring a car, and the 'rent' of a flat or house is largely the hiring of man-made bricks and mortar and fixtures and fittings.


So why is the word Rent never used correctly and widely misunderstood? The Real Questions sets out to explain clearly what Rent really is. And having done so explains how all our economics is distorted, indeed flawed, by wide-spread ignorance of the concept.


Read the book. Then seek to change the way you live your life. When enough people understand Rent the world will never be the same again.




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İAnthony Arkell 2008